The left panel allows you to explore the numerical data of the chosen hub.

Start by choosing a category and a sub-category in the left panel, by clicking on the one you want.

After that the data will be displayed in the map with a colour gradation corresponding to the scale of values displayed.


To fully explore the data the user uses the timeline.

The first date represents the start date of the data being studied. The center date represents the current date displayed in the map and the last date represents the end date of the data.

These three dates can be modified by the user to browse the time range of interest.

Below these dates there is a first select on the left to choose the data of the sub-category you want to study (for example in temperature there could be: avg, min, max, …).

Then the cursor of the frieze allows you to see where you are in the date interval and allows you to move there by playing with the cursor.

The right select allows to choose a temporal aggregation of the data by day, month or year.

Finally, the buttons allow precise movement of the frieze.
The start and end button allows to go back or start and end the time range.
The buttons with double arrows allow you to go forward 1 day or backward 1 day.
The play button allows to automatically scroll the time according to the chosen time aggregation.