This feature is currently only available on the West Indies hub.
To access it, simply click on the « vulnerability explorer » button on the map in the central panel.

This opens a form composed of two sub-forms.


The first form gives access to a plot cutting according to the crop chosen by the user. These cuttings are integrated in the basic application and are therefore not modifiable. The user then chooses the type of risk and presses the « GENERATE MAP » button.

Warning, all the data and representation in the generated map are only simulations and would not be taken as a basis for a reflection on local agriculture.


For the second form the user chooses a GeoJson that has been imported into the application from the upload (see section « UPLOAD/DELETE GEOJSON » in the manual) in the dropdown list.

Be careful, the selected cutting must contain data that the user wants to see represented in the GeoJson and in the properties of its cutting.
ex : { « type »: « Feature », « properties »: { « gid »: 23, « alea »: « 4 », « temp »: « 27 »}…, with this we could display the data of gid, alea and temp.

The user then enters the name of the variable he wants to study in his cutting and presses the « GENERATE MAP » button.