Innova Data and Knowledge Platform

Upload, Visualise, Explore and Cross data for Climate Services

INNOVA Data Plateform

This plateform allows to Upload, Explore and Visualize and Cross data on the purpose of Climate Services

Upload Data

All kinds of data can be uploaded on the plateform, including raw data, images, documents, scientific paper, etc. Data are dated and labeled according to their category (climatic, crops, tourisms, etc.). Data are also linked to a spatial area in order to be visualized on a map. Finally, all data are stored in a Elastic Search data base to be efficient during the request phases.

Visualize Data

All data can be visualized on a Geographical Information System (GIS). Data uploaded on a country, a region, or an area can visualized and the film of data evolution can be replayed to explore how data on the territory targeted has evolved over time.
When they are available, projections can also be explored to understand what is planned for the evolution of one kind of data on the targeted region.

Search Data

Analyze for identified tendencies. Cross all kinds of data for understand the impact of one attribute on another one becomes child's play. Data can be summerized and crossed in various kinds of charts to understand the evolution of the phenomena and the underlying correlations.

Examples of features

Some examples of functionnalities available in Innova Data and Knowledge Platform


Many partners are very interested by this kind of platforms, especially in territories where data is often scattered and where there is no central database of knowledge merging climatic data and data on crops, tourism, water, diseases, etc.


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